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CW Net

The CW Net is an informal group of amateur radio operators interested in cruising and using CW. (Continuous Wave = Morse Code)

Many CW Net participants are also WRCC members but any properly licensed amateur is welcome - no application, no dues, just QNI and you are a "member" in good standing.

The Net Manager is the only officer of the CW Net and elections are held about the first of November. Voting members are simply those that have checked into the Net during the year.

The Net Manager is Bob, W9UCR and the latest roster of CW Net participants is available at: CW Net Roster


0700 ET Daily on 7.050 MHz - Regular Net with Net Control Station (NCS)


The NCS will generally begin the net by calling CQ WW NET and giving his name and location and call for checkins - "QNI"

Stations then check in by transmitting their call sign suffix and "/ST" if they are short time

After taking a list of stations, the NCS will begin taking traffic from the listed stations by calling each in turn and sending "QRU"

The station may respond with a short message to the NCS with a few general comments and stating "QTC for _____ " if any traffic, or "QRU" if none

The NCS may ask other stations to relay - "QSP" - and take other lists of checkins

At the conclusion of the net, the NCS will generally list all the stations - "QNS" - and give a last call for "QNI" and "QTC"


AS - Stand By
C - Correct/Yes
CUL - see you later
EEE - doubling, AS
GA - go ahead
GG - going
GM - good morning
N - no
NCS - net control station
R - received ok (not yes)
R - decimal (with numbers)
T - zero (with numbers)
TMW - tomorrow
TT - that
TU - thank you
? - question (like QRL)
/ST - short timer
QNI - check into net
QNF - end of net
QRU - any traffic?
QNS - list net checkins, or I have no more traffic
QNZ - get on my freq
QRX - I'll call back in x minutes
QRK - what's my readability?
QRZ - who is calling me?
QRL - I am busy
QSB - signal is fading in & out
QRS - send slower
QRQ - send faster
QSP - relay
QTC - message for call sign
QRT - closing station