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"BREAK" -  "Break" is used by a station to interrupt a QSO so that he can gain temporary control.  Since the Net is under control of the Net Controller, it is not appropriate to use this term.  The correct way to enter the Net is give your call sign suffix when the NCS asks for more check-ins or use "contact" or "recheck" as described below.  Sometimes a station reading a long report, such as a weather reporter, might need to stop transmitting for a short period of time.  In this case it might be appropriate to say, "break, more to follow"; however, if the break is short, this term is not necessary and its use is not encouraged on the Net.

"BREAK-BREAK"  -  Is referred to as a "double break" and is reserved for emergencies.  The international code word "MAYDAY" is preferred when indicating an immediate live-threatening emergency

BOAT WATCH  -  A boat watch is a general request for information from the Net regarding the whereabouts of a particular vessel.  An emergency boat watch is usually originated by the Coast Guard through the Net liaison for a boat officially reported overdue.  This will be transmitted at the beginning of the Net during Emergency Traffic and repeated at intervals during the Net.  Any station may ask for a non-emergency boat watch during the General Traffic portions of the Net.  The more information that can be given, the better the chances of finding the boat.  Try to give at least the name, length, type, color(s), and general area where it might be located.

"CONTACT"  -  Say this only when you hear a station with whom you want to talk to but who is not calling you.  Net Control will give you priority.  Incorrect use of this term often confuses Net Control.  Do not say "contact" in response to someone calling you.  In that case respond with your own call sign.

LISTED STATION  -  If the station you are calling is not heard, the NCS may say, "would you like to be listed?"  If you say "yes" the NCS and the relay stations will call your "listed" station at intervals throughout the rest of the Net.  If listed, you must stay on the Net, in case the other station should answer later.

"OVER"  -  Means you have finished your transmission and want the other station to respond.  Use of this word at the end of each transmission, would stop a lot of doubling on our Net.

"RECHECK"  -  Is used if you need to get back into the Net on unfinished business.  Examples might be if you've looked up some requested information for someone and are ready to give it, or if you went off frequency and could not find your station.  Net Control will give you priority.