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Proper Way to Send Emails to Groups

It is not proper 'Netiquette' to display email addresses, other than the individual recipient's, when sending to a group or list. I'm sure you've all seen emails arrive with everyone's address displayed. Many times, a person may not wish to have their email address made public. Also, by displaying all these addresses, you're contributing to Spam because 'bots' can pick up these 'visible' addresses and add them to their lists.

To avoid doing this:

In the "To" address area, insert your own email address. This is because in most email apps, there has to be something on the "To" address line. Also, getting a copy yourself, assures that the email was sent.

Outlook Express

In the "Bcc" (blind carbon copy) address area, insert the group's addresses. If you don't see the "Bcc" heading, in Outlook Express, go to "View" on the menu bar and click on "All Headers". In other email apps, the "Bcc" may already be visible.

This way, everyone gets a copy of the email and no one sees any other address, other than their own.

73 - N4UMS, Bill