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  Scuttlebutt Contributions:  

Scuttlebutt is published quarterly to inform members about Waterway Net news, activities and items of interest. Email your material to the Editor for possible submission.

What to Send

  • Your Editor is always looking for articles and photos
  • News from gatherings and luncheons
  • Human interest stories, humorous, hair-raising and 'Don't worry, honey. . .'
  • Bahamas and Island news
  • CW and Land Cruiser's news
  • Technical topics
  • Safety & navigation notices
  • Letters to the editor
  • Poetry
  • Boating/Ham events
  • Sea Chest: items wanted or for sale
  • Use your imagination and send it in
  • Send Silent Key and obituary notices to our Sunshine Lady.
    Address changes should be sent to our Club's secretary.

    Companion Nets to the WRCC Net:  
    • Immediately following the Waterway Net
      • Wednesday — Land Cruisers Net
      • Friday — Computer Net
    • Daily Nets:
      • 0700 ET — CW Net on 7057KHz
      • 0720 ET — Bahamas Weather Net on Marine SSB frequency 4003 KHz USB (non-ham) Occasionally move up 3 or up 6 depending on interference.
      • Other Nets of Interest:
        • MMSN — Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14300 KHz from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST and 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT.
        • HWN — Hurricane Watch Net on 14325 KHz whenever hurricane monitoring warrants it.
        • Cruiseheimers — 0830 ET on Marine SSB frequency 8152 KHz-USB (non-ham).
        • DOO-DAH Net — 1700 daily on Marine SSB frequency 8152 KHz-USB (non-ham). Traffic and Float Plans.
        • CHRIS PARKERS WEATHER NET — on Marine SSB, times and frequencies are listed on his website: www.mwxc.com
        • SSCA HF RADIO Net — 1215 UTC and 1315 UTC Standard Time and 1215 UTC during Daylight Savings Time on Marine SSB frequency 8104 KHz-USB (non-ham).

    Around The Waterways: 

    Some web sites for help in determining what is going on around the waterways this season:

    Salty Southeast Cruisers Net:   www.cruisersnet.net

    Waterway Guide:   www.waterwayguide.com

    Active Captain:   www.activecaptain.com