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Welcome to the Waterway Net Web Site!

2019 Annual WRCC Picnic - October 24   (Info below)

The Waterway Radio and Cruising Club is an association of amateur radio operators who also share an interest in recreational boating.

The Waterway Net, which is sponsored by the Waterway Radio and Cruising Club, meets on the air every morning of the year for about an hour starting at 0745 ET on a frequency of 7.268 MHz LSB. The main purpose of the Waterway Net is to encourage amateur radio communications to and from boats with an emphasis on safety and weather information. Position Reports help keep live-aboards and cruising boats in touch with families and friends and Float Plans provide a strong measure of safety for off-shore passage makers.

Sunset at Normans

Begun in the early sixties, the Waterway Net is one of the oldest, continuously operating nets in amateur radio. Today the WRCC has around four hundred dues paying members and anyone holding an Amateur Radio License of any class is eligible to join. Membership in the WRCC is not a prerequisite for participation in the Waterway Net, but a general class or higher license is required.

The Waterway Net is a controlled net. It is recommended that one listen for a while to learn the Net Procedures, but anyone with a general class license or above is invited to check in at the appropriate time or to join in on the special interest nets that often follow.

In an emergency, FCC rules permit anyone, licensed or not, to use any frequency to summon help. All boaters with high frequency SSB radios aboard should know that the 20 meter amateur frequency of 14.300 MHz is active for about eighteen hours a day and is always available for emergency assistance.




    Many of you already know some of this: Waiting for the SSCA to decide on a date and venue for their GAM was putting us in danger of not being able to find a facility for the WRCC Annual Picnic. We finally had to take some action. So... WRCC is moving the Annual Picnic, and it will be held in New Bern, NC, Oct. 24. The site will be the New Bern KOA, on the Neuse River just past the junction with the Trent River. Plans are still being formulated for the Flea Market, and some other events, both in the city of New Bern, and at the New Bern KOA "Meeting Room". WRCC has reserved the meeting room for Oct. 22--24.

    The New Bern KOA has discounted camping spaces for our group. They can be accessed by making your reservations with Pat Holtzclaw, Mgr., at: (252) 638-2556

    We have arranged a catered lunch delivered, set up, and served in the meeting room on Thursday, October 24. I repeat, the picnic will be held on THURSDAY this year. The meal will consist of Fried Chicken, BBQ, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Hush Puppies and Sweet and Unsweetened Iced Tea. Cost for the picnic will be posted here as soon as we tally it up; we don't expect any significant change from past years.

    There will be a presentation following lunch on Thursday, detailing the discovery and recovery of the CSS Neuse ironclad ship by the volunteers of the CSS Neuse Museum in Kinston, by Matthew Young. This is a very interesting presentation. I have heard it twice, in constantly updated versions, and I am sure everyone will be impressed with the presentation.

    I am also putting everyone on notice: I will bring a cooler containing "Old Stump Blower" on Thursday, and children should not be admitted. No Smoking near the product, and I believe California has already warned that no one imbibing the concoction will be allowed to operate machinery for 24 hours after exposure. (What the heck: it is just a citrus punch...)

    Anybody wishing to bring your RV and stay a few days is encouraged to reserve a spot early. Selection of an RV site was getting pretty sparse when we first settled on the New Bern KOA, but some are still available. Tent sites are available. Pets are no problem.

    We hope we have accommodated everyone with this site and these dates. More information on our NEWS & EVENTS page.

    Judy and Dick (W3RDT)

  •     A very nice honor bestowed upon our club by Bobby Graves, KB5HAV and the Hurricane Watch Net. As always, we are glad to help when needed.

  •    BoatUS App

    BoatUS appBoatUS has published their smartphone app which has a lot of new features including tide charts, weather, and a fun photo sharing tool. BoatUS Members, show your digital Member card for discounts at over 1,000 participating marinas and boating businesses nationwide! For more information, visit BoatUS.com/app.

  •    New Vendor for Clubs Monogrammed Items: New arrangements for WRCC logo-marked clothing are in place. We have established an easy to use page online that allows members to order clothing and outerwear with the Waterway Net logo and monogramming. For more info and photos, go to WRCC Store page, above-left or click HERE.

  •   Alternate Operations Plan

    In order to provide guidance for continued Waterway Net operations in the face of disruptions to service - either because of atmospheric interference or persistent interference from terrestrial sources beyond the reach of regulatory actions - this alternate plan for daily net operations has been formulated. This plan would be activated ONLY if necessary. For more important information about this plan, click HERE.

  •   Updated Florida Anchoring Information For the latest Florida Anchoring Information, check Florida Anchoring Information Tip Sheet More info on News & Events page.

  •   Club Related Gear: WRCC members should fly the club's burgees whenever possible. This lets other members know if you're in their anchorage, marina, etc. Flying the burgee also is a means of showing others that you are a member of a very special group of boaters/ham radio operators.
    Burgees, embroidred shirts, caps and other club merchandise can be found on our WRCC Store page.

  •   How and Where to Check in to Customs: For those of you who are returning to the states from the Bahamas, etc., here's information of how and where to check in if you're departing from or returning to Florida. This also includes the Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS).

  •   Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning: A person who is drowning doesn't usually look like the typical 'drowning victim' that you see on TV. A crew member who falls overboard and appears to be OK, could actually be drowning! An excellent article by Mario Vittone that explains this can be found here.

  • Just not right!
    Now this just isn't right!

  •   USCG CFL Lamp Warning: The US Coast Guard has issued a Marine Safety Alert on the newer CFL fluorescent lamps, saying that they could cause RF interference with certain communication and navigation equipment. The USCG alert is not clear, whether it refers to the AC or 12v DC type of lamp (or both). The type of lamp in question should have the following statement printed somewhere on the packaging: "This product may cause interference to radio communications and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30 MHz."

  •   New Florida Anchoring Provision Is Now Law!: House Bill #1423 and other related information can be found HERE.

  •   Next time, let's try it my way!

  •   Lake Okeechobee Water Levels:
    You may still want to check with lockmasters, etc., to determine local conditions.

    Okeechobee Water Levels. (Army Corps of Engineers)

    WRCC Flyer
  •   WRCC Recruitment Flyer: Download this flyer (right), print it out, and post it at your nearest marina, marine supply store (West Marine, Boat U.S., etc.,) even Radio Shack. You could also use it as a handout at your local ham radio club. The Waterway Radio & Cruising Club is conducting a recruitment campaign for new members and this flyer is just another way to get the word out. With the recent dropping of the morse code requirement, more and more boaters will be getting their licenses; we need to let them know what services the Club provides. You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this flyer. Download pdf flyer (236kb).

  •   Join the fun! The Waterway Radio & Cruising Club is holding a membership recruitment campaign. If you, or someone you know, would like to become a member, please go to the Club Info page and download a membership form. Only requirement is that you hold a valid amateur radio operator's license. Of course, to participate on the Net, you must have a General class or above, license. Owning a boat is not required; only the love of boating. Waterway Net members are known for their love of the water, boating and ham radio. For the cruising boater, the Net is also a great way of keeping in touch with other boaters while offering a safer transit, through our daily weather reporting and position reports. Also, every fall, we hold a combination picnic/flea market in Melbourne, FL.

  •   Notes from the Webmaster - N4UMS
    Members: Your input is necessary to keep our web site current and interesting - please feel free to send news items, articles for the Technical Corner, corrections, updates, suggestions, problems and complaints to the
    73, Bill - N4UMS

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