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Net Format

BEFORE THE NET: Stations begin gathering on 7.268 MHz LSB around 0700 Eastern time. Many have schedules with others and many just show up to keep up with what is happening by making informal contacts. There is no Net Control. This period also serves to reserve the frequency for the formal Net at 0745.


  1. PREAMBLE: The formal Net begins with the preamble, which is essentially a statement of purpose and an introduction of the Net Control and the relays on that day.

  2. EMERGENCY AND PRIORITY TRAFFIC: Emergency communications are those related to the immediate safety of life and/or the immediate protection of property. Priority traffic is interpreted to mean messages or requests for information not involving emergencies, but still having some urgency. Non-emergency "boat watches" should be handled during general traffic sessions.

  3. WEATHER INFORMATION: At present we offer some or all of the following weather information. If it is important to you, please use a tape recorder to avoid the need for "fills". The forecasts are often complicated and difficult to copy.

    • Bahamas Met Office forecast
    • Tropical Forecast/Advisory (in season)
    • Southwest North Atlantic forecast
    • Gulf of Mexico - Synopsis and Outlook
    • Florida Coastal Forecast

    More detailed information from Caribbean or Gulf forecasts may be available on request and you are encouraged to make requests prior to the Net to allow time to gather the necessary information.

  4. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Items of general interest to net members such as bridge closings, ham exam announcements, lost dinghies, etc. (Non-emergency boat watches should be given later during General Traffic).


    1. Traffic to or from boats UNDERWAY (not moored or anchored - one of you must be moving).
    2. General traffic to or from any station

  6. 0815 ET - FLOAT PLANS AND POSITION REPORTS: Please see the page on Float Plans and Position Reports to understand the differences and the correct procedures. The Fleet Captain will first ask for any boats on active Float Plans, and following that, take Position Reports.

  7. GENERAL TRAFFIC - LATE: The late traffic segment is generally used for anything not covered elsewhere during the net. It could include late position reports, late weather requests, boat watches, repeat of announcements and of course, any kind of legal amateur radio traffic.